Jazz Series


Jazz Series Art Statement

Thom Wright

Jazz inspires my painting.  It continues to be contemporary and vital, full of feeling and playful innovation that swings, bounces and stomps.  It captures mainstream America and the world today with a wide range of musical influences that began over 100 years ago.

My “Jazz Series” builds on Modernist art that began over 100 years ago with Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Henri Matisse’s Cubist paintings of musicians and guitars and making music.  It continued in American art with Stuart Davis’ “Jazz” paintings.   As in their abstract works and in jazz music, my abstract paintings try to communicate feelings and images through rhythmic lines, shapes, forms and colors, and orchestrate these parts into a visual whole.  Some of my larger paintings include contemporary semi-abstract images of musicians playing instruments.  The different personalities still interrelate and make visual rhythms dance together.  In smaller works I focus on string instruments in asymmetrical still life arrangements, especially with the jazz guitar, which I enjoy playing as well.  Thus, my paintings are personal expressions of music that swings, bounces and stomps.