Global Warming Cycle Paintings

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These paintings continue in my four-year series of abstract paintings concerning Climate Change.  It began as a personal attempt to raise our collective consciousness about the man-made, destructive impacts to our planet.  Now, ten years later, it expresses how Global Climate Change has become central to nature and all human culture.  This complex concept is recognized to dominate our future as the most important crisis of the 21st century, where drastic changes to mankind and nature are beginning to grow and be felt.   Perhaps one more metaphor for global change may make a difference and initiate responsive actions by individuals and nations.

These are mixed-media abstract paintings that express transformation processes of the earth system.  Evidence of change is made in text, maps, diagrams, symbols, narrative spatial sequences of changing shapes and colors, and temporal sequences of embedded layers of paint.  The painting surface itself is a history of change.

Media:  acrylic on panel

Sizes:    24″ x 24″ to 60″ x 60″

Dates:   2005 – 2009