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at the B C Space Gallery, by Thom Wright 2017

Over geological time the earth has nurtured life forms that have evolved

Generations from the initial primal muck to modern homo sapiens

Creating an interconnected web of life that regenerates in cyclic ebbs and flows

At times suffering cataclysmic events, both cyclic and extraterrestrial

That cause much extinction, then adaptation, and in some instances, evolution

Now as never before, homo sapiens becomes the dominate specie with billions

With only itself threatening the environment and its own extinction

But nature endures, and possibly

Some of mankind survive in balance with nature

Or not, and another epoch cycle begins

My paintings are organized into six categories, which relate to the media, major themes and  in general when they were done.  These galleries are arranged to present each piece in the group, and these can be expanded into full size using the scroll and selection approach.  All of this work was done in the last ten years.  The titles and top level description contain the media, size and date. Groups are accessed in the sidebar.